Title : Mindwash
Release : 2024 2024-02-04T14:17:00Z
Rating : 7 10 2651
Language : English
Runtime : 85
Genre : Thriller
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Mindwash follows the story of Billy Seldom (Ben Edlin), a motivational speaker who is on the verge of becoming a household name with the slogan, "Think for Yourself." He is about to reach a new pinnacle of success when the world suffers a catastrophic event. We follow him on a journey of self-destruction, including being on the verge of a cryptic demise of a co-dependent relationship with his longtime girlfriend Natalie (Camille Hyde), as he wrestles with the ever-changing landscape of media, fear, and influence. Billy tries to find his place in a world now spiraling out of control and exemplifying the lack of individual thinking. Billy must now ask himself if he really thinks for himself.

Director By:
Beatrice Brigitte
Writer By:

Beatrice Brigitte

Actors By:
Camille Hyde , Ben Edlin , Beatrice Brigitte