Perfect Harmony

Perfect Harmony

Title : Perfect Harmony
Release : 2022 2023-10-22T16:14:30Z
Rating : 6.9 10 3435
Language : English, French
Runtime : 84
Genre : Comedy,Romance
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Ten years ago, it was dislike at first sight when widowed Jack Chandeller, then a successful pop musician and now guitar repair shop proprietor, and then Ph.D. candidate now college Poetry professor Barrett Woodward met backstage at what was his last concert, that evening when their best friends, Simon and Naomi, respectively Jack's assistant and a fan of Jack's who won a backstage pass, also met, they now engaged. Part of their dislike is their differences in personality, organized Barrett perceiving Jack to be shallow with such deep lyrics to one of his most popular songs being "ooh wee ooh", and spontaneous Jack perceiving Barrett to be a pretentious snob. One subsequent tie Jack and Barrett now have is that Jack's son Teddy is a student of hers. Fearing the worst in knowing the animosity between their best friends, Simon and Naomi are somewhat surprised that Jack and Barrett agree to act as best man and maid of honor at their wedding even in knowing that they will have to work together for the nuptials, the date advanced to one month away due to circumstances which also means concentrated time together. Jack and Barrett are put in a more difficult position when after an impromptu duet at the engagement party, all Simon and Naomi ask for as a wedding present is for them to perform together at the wedding, Jack, for deeply personal reasons, having retired from performing making this request additionally difficult. As Jack and Barrett spend time together, they get to see another side of the other, in the process not only dispelling incorrect perceptions of the other, but start to fall for the other. As they help each other through personal issues, they, to form a truly romantic relationship, not only have to acknowledge their feelings which is made all the more difficult because of their previous dislike, but may have to deal with old wounds that they thought were not ready to heal.—Huggo

Director By:
Stefan Scaini
Writer By:

Alicia Lomas-Gross

Actors By:
James Denton , Sherri Saum , Julia Benson