Why Knot

Why Knot

Title : Why Knot
Release : 2016 2023-05-06T09:39:04Z
Rating : 5.6 10 5022
Language : English
Runtime : 84
Genre : Documentary
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Why are love and sex so closely tied together? And what if we try and separate the two? Filmed over the course of 4 ½ years, Why Knot weaves the history of monogamy with the personal story of a filmmaker attempting an open relationship with the woman he loves. When his younger brother in Dubai decides to get married, Dhruv's Indian family begins to pressure him to follow suit; but instead, he turns the camera on them and begins to ask pressing questions to understand why we practice marriage and monogamy in a world rife with infidelity. Capturing histories and perspectives from both the East and the West, Why Knot takes us on a dark and at times hilarious journey through the emotional and intellectual landscape of monogamy, offering deeper insight into a universal conflict between our instincts and our morals.—Dhruv Dhawan

Director By:
Dhruv Dhawan
Writer By:

Dhruv Dhawan

Actors By: