My Boss, My Teacher

My Boss, My Teacher

Title : My Boss, My Teacher
Release : 2006 2022-11-25T03:49:14Z
Rating : 5.7 10 7271
Language : Korean
Runtime : 124
Genre : Action,Comedy
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Doo-sik (JUNG Jun-ho), the number two of a leading gang, the D-Dogs, is full of ambition and expectation, for his once in a life time opportunity to be back to school not as a student, not a guard, but as a student teacher! It's really something for him, 'cause he already failed to complete his high school course years ago. Now it's kind of a second chance for him. He just interprets this teaching practice as something like a social adaptation course for the prisoners who are going to be freed and back to society soon. But has he got what it takes as a teacher? Even on the first day, he is just out of the way and eccentric. He enters school through the dog hole. And it doesn't take long to sum up that his behavior is just way too much for the students to accept and respect in a teacher. And as the fate would have it, his own boss, the leader of the D-Dogs, is now right in front of him, as one of the students, and two of his loyal men are out of reach every time he's in trouble! Doo-sik just dashes this way and rushes that way and all the incidents are leading Doo-sik to a place no one expects.

Director By:
Dong-won Kim
Writer By:

Seok-beom Kang, Dong-won Kim

Actors By:
Yun-Yeong Choe , Won Choi , Haha