Teo, cazador intergaláctico

Teo, cazador intergaláctico

Title : Teo, cazador intergaláctico
Release : 2022 2022-11-22T14:30:26Z
Rating : 9 10 4552
Language : Spanish
Runtime : 80
Genre : Action
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Teo is an alien from the planet Sauracia who lives with his grandfather Oldux. Oldux is the emperor of the planet and intends to educate his grandson so that one day he will be his successor. But Teo only likes to hunt. Intrígalus, the royal advisor, intends to occupy the position of emperor and that is why he will try to convince the boy that being a hunter is more exciting than being an emperor, and will try to make Teo break the rules, thus losing the right of succession to the throne.

Director By:
Sergio Bayo , Sergio Adrián Fernández
Writer By:

Fernando Bassi, Pablo Lago, Pablo Lagos

Actors By:
Roberto Carnaghi , Mac Phantom , Guillermo Gravino