Climb Miss Kotera

Climb Miss Kotera

Title : Climb Miss Kotera
Release : 2020 2022-11-10T03:31:54Z
Rating : 6.1 10 3989
Language : Japanese
Runtime : 100
Genre : Romance,Sport
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Kotera is a teenage girl and a fairly dedicated high school girl who also participates in the extracurricular climb club. She is diligent and does well climbing. Do not mistake her for rough and tumble however; she is cute and has a kind heart. Then there is her school-mate Kendo who belongs to a different club, namely table tennis. His heart flutters for Kotera. Do we have the makings of a high school sweetheart romance here?

Director By:
Tomoyuki Furumaya
Writer By:

Coffee, Reiko Yoshida

Actors By:
Kentaro Ito , Haruka Kudo , Karin Ono