The Days of Noah: The Flood

The Days of Noah: The Flood

Title : The Days of Noah: The Flood
Release : 2019 2022-09-22T16:13:59Z
Rating : 6 10 5371
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Documentary
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THE DAYS OF NOAH series investigates the revealing prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation to uncover as never before, the Truth about the Ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into it. These prophecies such as the Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast and others, have left many confused about the events to come, but viewed through the story of Noah and the flood, these end-times events are brought into sharp focus. Discover how the Bible reveals that even today we are living in the very time of which "the days of Noah" were but a symbol, that time is short, God's mercy is pleading with mankind and the door of the Ark is about to close - forever.

Director By:
Michael McCaffrey
Writer By:

Michael McCaffrey

Actors By:
Doug Batchelor , Stephen Bohr , Leonard Brand