Title : Merry-Go-Round
Release : 1923 2022-08-05T04:02:42Z
Rating : 6.5 10 5330
Language : None, English
Runtime : 110
Genre : Drama
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Life's merry-go-round goes full tilt for Agnes, a virtuous carny at Vienna's Prater just before the Great War. Her father is abused by their cruel boss, Huber, who may force himself on Agnes. A Count who's engaged to the daughter of the minister of defense chats up Agnes one night while he's slumming; she thinks he's Franz, a necktie salesman, and she falls in love with him. Is he using charm and guile to seduce her? Plus there's Bartholomew, a hunchback who's a barker at the Prater; his love for Agnes is unrequited. Are the fates blind or is there reward for virtue?

Director By:
Rupert Julian , Erich von Stroheim
Writer By:

Finis Fox, Harvey Gates, Mary O'Hara

Actors By:
Norman Kerry , Mary Philbin , Cesare Gravina