Title : Gasman
Release : 1998 2022-08-04T11:46:13Z
Rating : 7 10 9641
Language : English
Runtime : 0
Genre : Drama
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It's the Christmas season. With her mom's help, Lynne, a girl of perhaps eight, dresses up; her younger brother Steven plays with a toy car. The children leave with their dad, who's affectionate with them. They walk down a railroad track where an unkempt woman waits with two children, about the same age as Lynne and Steven. The children go with them. They're all headed to a holiday party at a pub. Lynne notices that the girl acts all too familiar with her dad. What's going on?

Director By:
Lynne Ramsay
Writer By:

Lynne Ramsay

Actors By:
Lynne Ramsay Jr. , Martin Anderson , James Ramsay