Fast & Feel Love

Fast & Feel Love

Title : Fast & Feel Love
Release : 2022 2022-07-11T08:03:15Z
Rating : 7 10 6674
Language : Thai
Runtime : 132
Genre : Action,Comedy,Drama,Romance,Sport,Thriller
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Kao, a thirty-something-year-old man, is the world's fastest sport-stacking champion who is being challenged by kids around the world trying to break his world record. In the midst of this, Kao's long-time girlfriend, who has taken care of him and everything else in his life, decides to end their relationship. Like Batman without his Alfred, the king in the world of sport stacking becomes a complete loser in real life. While Kao must keep up with up-and-coming stacking challengers, this glorious champ also needs to learn basic daily life skills. Whether it be laundry, mopping, ironing, grocery shopping, fixing the water pump or other trivial daily tasks. These simple chores for general people become uphill struggles for this sport-stacking master. Yet, the most difficult task of all for him is to figuring how to win back his girlfriend's heart.

Director By:
Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit
Writer By:

Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit

Actors By:
Nat Kitcharit , Urassaya Sperbund , Anusara Korsamphan