Liar Game: Reborn

Liar Game: Reborn

Title : Liar Game: Reborn
Release : 2012 2022-07-07T01:41:37Z
Rating : 6.3 10 5454
Language : Japanese
Runtime : 131
Genre : Drama
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College graduate Yu Shinomiya is invited to the Liar Game, which has been restarted by funding from new investors. She turns to her psychology professor for help, who is none other than Shinichi Akiyama, former Liar Game champion. He advises her to ignore the invitation, but afraid of the penalty fee should she do so, she decides to participate. Soon, Akiyama is issued an invitation of his own by Fukunaga, who now works for the game. Playing on Akiyama's sympathy for the naive student, Fukunaga manages to get Akiyama to participate as well. The game this time is a diabolical version of Musical Chairs. Once again, Akiyama's cunning and ingenuity is put to the ultimate test.

Director By:
Hiroaki Matsuyama
Writer By:

Shinobu Kaitani

Actors By:
Shôta Matsuda , Mikako Tabe , Hirofumi Arai