Title : Enclosure
Release : 1961 2022-01-23T10:19:21Z
Rating : 6.9 10 7184
Language : French, German
Runtime : 105
Genre : Drama,War
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This prison camp drama by director and co-scripter Armand Gatti, his first film, reflects the early '60s resurgence of interest in the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis in World War II. (In another year, the Adolph Eichmann trial would be the first ever seen live on American television.) Gatti focuses on two men in a German concentration camp who have been cruelly penned inside an enclosure. One of the men, Karl (Herbert Wochinz), is a strong, bitter anti-Nazi German -- a target of the Gestapo. The SS wants information on a rumored organization of resistance fighters inside the prison and they know he has it. The other man, David (Jean Negroni) is a Jew. If one of the men dies within a certain time then the other will be released. He will not be killed. Otherwise, both will be executed. The resistance fighters in the prison try to help the two as best they can, while the pair inside the enclosure slowly come to know each other as though they were brothers. ~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

Director By:
Armand Gatti
Writer By:

Armand Gatti, Pierre Joffroy, Pierre Lary

Actors By:
Hans Christian Blech , Jean Négroni , Herbert Wochinz