Out of Body

Out of Body

Title : Out of Body
Release : 2020 2021-12-04T06:01:41Z
Rating : 8.3 10 3162
Language : English
Runtime : 104
Genre : Comedy,Drama,Romance
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When a demon escapes from the orb that's been imprisoning him, he takes possession of Malcolm's body and heads for Vegas, leaving Mal's spirit trapped in his longtime friend Henry's house. With the help of a spirit guide, Henry performs a spell that allows him-but only him-to see what he thinks is Mal's ghost. Since it's well-known that spirits who linger must complete some "unfinished business," Mal believes his task is to help Henry fall in love. Even though Mal himself has been in love with Henry for years, he valiantly tries to hook up his friend with his hot new neighbor in a hilarious series of misadventures. Finally, Henry and Mal give in to their long-hidden passion and battle the demon to get Mal's body back and win their happily-ever-after.

Director By:
Jason T. Gaffney
Writer By:

Suzanne Brockmann, Jason T. Gaffney

Actors By:
Kevin Held , Jason T. Gaffney , Annie Kerins