Title : Forcefury
Release : 2019 2021-04-20T03:10:08Z
Rating : 6.8 10 8016
Language : English
Runtime : 80
Genre : Comedy
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Brick Forcefury's life as a Border Security Agent takes a turn for the worse when his life-long partner is killed during a simple routine patrol of The Wall. While dealing with his grief, Brick struggles to adapt to a normal life, blaming his problems on The Liberal Agenda. When he finally returns to the force, he is partnered with a new, half-alien partner, which he resents. Forced to work together, he eventually learns to respect that what he once feared, and together they team up to save the nation from an alien menace.

Director By:
Daniel McLeod
Writer By:

Daniel McLeod, Matthew Mousseau

Actors By:
Erica Adam , Jeff Gorchynsk , Steve Kasan , Mike Lindsay