Live Twice, Love Once

Live Twice, Love Once

Title : Live Twice, Love Once
Release : 2019 2021-03-19T12:54:30Z
Rating : 7.2 10 2609
Language : Spanish, Catalan
Runtime : 101
Genre : Comedy,Drama
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2018, City of Valencia (east to Spain). Emilio is a retired academic teacher, widow five years ago of his wife Carmen, who lives the days in a comfortable routine eating in the same bar and solving magic squares in the pastimes until that one day he has difficult to complete the square and confuses the streets to back home. Going to the hospital for a routine medical check, he is diagnosed with the first stage of the Alzheimer's disease, which eventually will delete all his mind and remembers. Just when he leaves the hospital Emilio meets by chance with Julia, his stranded daughter, who works as medical commercial. Noticing about the disease, Julia invites Emilio to a family lunch with his dysfunctional family composed by her husband and his son-in-law Felipe, who tries to be an Internet motivational coach after he was fired of his previous job, and his lame granddaughter Blanca, a 11 years old child as streetwiser as expert in the cell phones and social networks, to consider options ...

Director By:
Maria Ripoll
Writer By:

María Mínguez

Actors By:
Oscar Martínez , Inma Cuesta , Mafalda Carbonell , Nacho López