The Glory of Team Batista

The Glory of Team Batista

Title : The Glory of Team Batista
Release : 2008 2021-02-11T09:12:18Z
Rating : 5.9 10 5956
Language :
Runtime : 0
Genre : Comedy,Drama,Mystery
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Toho university hospital has established an outstanding coronary surgery team under the leadership of a up and coming, star, U.S. trained surgeon (Kiji Kikkawa) that specializes in the highly risky "Batista" procedure to shrink the size of enlarged hearts. Normally this procedure has only a 60% success rate, but "Team Batista" has achieved a run of 26 straight successes....when suddenly 3 patients in a row die on the operating table. Very disturbed, the lead surgeon requests an independent investigation. The hospital turns to Dr. Taguchi (Yoko Takeuchi) who is a specialist in psychosomatic disorders who is shocked to at the assignment because she knows nothing in particular about surgery. Assured, however, that this very lack of insider specialized knowledge is in fact the "objectivity" required, she diligently begins to investigate in her own polite, but persistent manner.

Director By:
Yoshihiro Nakamura
Writer By:

Takeru Kaido (novel), Mitsuharu Makita (screenplay), Hiroshi Saitô (screenplay)

Actors By:
Yûko Takeuchi , Hiroshi Abe , Sei Hiraizumi , Haruka Igawa