Blueprint to the Heart

Blueprint to the Heart

Title : Blueprint to the Heart
Release : 2020 2021-02-11T09:12:17Z
Rating : 5.8 10 7380
Language :
Runtime : 90
Genre : Romance
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Tiffany hosts and her friend Liz produces Renovation Project, the Home Design Channel's platinum standard - in every respect - television show, which is all about presenting restrained elegance, including of Tiffany, as shown by their high end sponsors. The show was originally produced by Tiffany's former boyfriend Haiden, who discovered her, the two who drifted apart as their careers progressed, Tiffany at the time working on perfecting her on-screen image. With increasing competition eating into the show's ratings including from Haiden's newly produced show Flip It Up also on the channel, Kimberly, one of the network executives, without telling Tiffany or Liz beforehand, brings back Haiden to co-produce, he to help usher in a repurposed show which in its current form may now be seen as repressed rather than restrained: instead of just a renovation of a house, the show would be a "renovation" of the homeowner as well, a complete lifestyle makeover if you will. Kimberly also demands ...

Director By:
Jason James
Writer By:

John Dion, Sean Fine

Actors By:
Laura Mitchell , Dennis Andres , Crystal Balint , Clayton James