Title : Stromboli
Release : 1950 2021-02-11T09:12:16Z
Rating : 7.3 10 5520
Language :
Runtime : 107
Genre : Drama
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Living in an Italian refugee camp in 1948, the beautiful Karin meets Antonio, a resident of the men's camp. Though not in love with him, Karin marries him and they soon head for his home village, Stromboli. The village is on a remote island at the foot of an active volcano. When they arrive Karin despairs of the barren land and the absence of people, as many have left, mostly for the United States. She doesn't speak the local dialect and is treated with disdain by locals who see her as an exotic foreigner and a loose woman. After Antonio beats her and locks her in their house, she sets off across the mountains to seek her freedom and a better future.

Director By:
Roberto Rossellini
Writer By:

Roberto Rossellini (story), Sergio Amidei (collaboration), Gian Paolo Callegari (collaboration), Art Cohn (collaboration), Renzo Cesana (collaboration), Félix Morlión (screenplay collaboration)

Actors By:
Ingrid Bergman , Mario Vitale , Renzo Cesana , Mario Sponzo