Pigs and Battleships

Pigs and Battleships

Title : Pigs and Battleships
Release : 1961 2020-05-27T08:08:39Z
Rating : 7.5 10 7689
Language : Japanese, English
Runtime : 108
Genre : Action,Comedy,Crime,Romance
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In Yukosuka, many are able to benefit financially, legally and illegally, by the presence of the American naval base established after the war. Kinta, who is low level thug within the Himori yakuza, takes care of the yakuza's pig farm but provides some muscle in shaking down among others shopkeepers who cater and this benefit from the lucrative American military trade. Kinta is often asked to sacrifice himself for the yakuza, the promise being that the yakuza will ultimately recognize the sacrifice with bonuses and promotion within the organization. Kinta's girlfriend, Haruko, a barmaid, doesn't like his life and would prefer that they escape Yukosuka to Kawasaki where they could get jobs in her uncle's factory, something that Kinta continually resists in not wanting to be a "wage slave". Haruko is also continually pressured by her mother to prostitute herself, Mr. Gordon who is willing to pay top dollar to be his kept mistress. Kinta and Haruko's fates will be partly affected by the ...

Director By:
Shôhei Imamura
Writer By:

Hisashi Yamanouchi, Gisashi Yamauchi, Kazu Ôtsuka (novel)

Actors By:
Hiroyuki Nagato , Jitsuko Yoshimura , Masao Mishima , Tetsurô Tanba