Title : Fireworks
Release : 1997 2020-04-17T07:38:54Z
Rating : 7.8 10 6362
Language : Japanese
Runtime : 103
Genre : Crime,Drama,Romance,Thriller
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Nishi is a cop whose wife is slowly dying of leukemia. One of his partners gets shot on the job, which results in him being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and becoming suicidal. Nishi, feeling guilty of his partner's accident, tries to help him in any way he can. At the same time, Nishi leaves the police to spend more time with his dying wife. However, in order to do the right things for those he loves, Nishi must do something wrong, which has tragic consequences.

Director By:
Takeshi Kitano
Writer By:

Takeshi Kitano

Actors By:
Takeshi Kitano , Kayoko Kishimoto , Ren Osugi , Susumu Terajima