Title : Monamour
Release : 2006 2019-07-25T00:54:21Z
Rating : 5.5 10 5586
Language : Italian
Runtime : 94
Genre : Drama
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After six months of marriage, the attractive, free-spirited and sexually insatiable housewife, Marta, already feels the passion wane and the desire for her literary editor husband, Dario, wither. However, in the background of Mantua's renowned literary festival, young Marta will fall for the charms of an intriguingly handsome stranger, the French Leon, while admiring Palazzo del Te's vivid murals. Of course, Marta's scandalous affair behind her husband's back will soon be noticed, as the suspicious Dario is engulfed little by little by the impatient and fierce flames of lust. Perhaps a dash of infidelity is all that Dario needs to awaken his dormant enthusiasm for the neglected Marta.

Director By:
Tinto Brass
Writer By:

Tinto Brass, Carla Cipriani, Alina Rizzi (novel), Massimiliano Zanin

Actors By:
Anna Jimskaia , Riccardo Marino , Max Parodi , Nela Lucic