Title : Mumford
Release : 1999 2019-07-23T15:17:39Z
Rating : 6.9 10 3983
Language : English
Runtime : 112
Genre : Comedy,Drama
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The story of two Mumfords - one a small town, the other a man. Mumford, the town, is full of people with problems, from a teenage girl who is unhappy with her looks to a local billionaire, "the king of modems", who would trade everything away if he could. So when Micky Mumford, the man, turns out to be a psychologist with slightly unusual methods he soon finds a spot in people's heart as someone to whom they can tell their secrets. But Micky too has a secret, and that one's about to hunt him down.

Director By:
Lawrence Kasdan
Writer By:

Lawrence Kasdan

Actors By:
Loren Dean , Hope Davis , Jason Lee , Alfre Woodard