Title : Barfly
Release : 1987 2019-03-06T05:10:45Z
Rating : 7.3 10 3876
Language : English
Runtime : 100
Genre : Comedy,Drama,Romance
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Henry Chinaski never cared for the American dream, the thought of needing to become 'something' and fit into the system disgusts him. He believes that life is free and yours to live like you see fit, and if that in some cases involves copious amounts of whiskey then so be it. Henry spends his days drinking and listening to the radio, and he spends his nights drinking and fighting against Eddy who he thinks personifies shallowness and shameless self promoting. Sometimes in the middle of this he finds the time to jot down a few lines of poetry or a short story. After fighting Eddy and winning for a change Henry is thrown out of his regular bar where Eddy is a bartender. This leads him to seek another watering hole where he happens to find Wanda who is a barfly, in her own words "if another man came along with a fifth of whiskey, I'd go with him". Henry is not fazed by this thou and moves in with her. Of course Wanda immediately goes off and sleeps with Eddy, but after some clothes ...

Director By:
Barbet Schroeder
Writer By:

Charles Bukowski

Actors By:
Mickey Rourke , Faye Dunaway , Alice Krige , Jack Nance